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Plan Your Legacy with Dignity

When you make a planned gift to Barrow Neurological Institute or St. Joseph's Hospital, you are supporting a future at our hospital that includes discoveries in the laboratory, medical training for young doctors and nurses, and more effective patient care. When you include Barrow or St. Joseph's in your estate plans, you are investing in a healthier future for our city, our state and the world beyond.

There are many ways to make a planned gift, and many offer benefits to you and your family. The tools and information on this website such as Gifts Anyone Can Make, Personal Calculators and the Will Planning Wizard help you choose the option that best achieves both your philanthropic and financial goals.

For more information or to request a free, no-obligation personal gift illustration, please complete the request information form or contact Alan Knobloch at (602) 406-1025 or

Tip of the Day

Did you know you can lock in the gains of your appreciated securities and receive income (based on their present value) for the rest of your life?

In exchange for your gift of appreciated stock, you can receive:

  • Guaranteed annuity payments for life (one or two beneficiaries);
  • High rates of return;
  • A current income tax deduction;
  • Capital gains tax savings on the stock you donate;
  • Tax-advantaged income (part ordinary, part capital gains and part tax-free);
  • A choice of immediate, deferred, or flexible payments; and
  • The satisfaction of supporting Barrow Neurological Foundation/St. Joseph's Foundation.

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Meet Our Donors

Meet donors who have created a legacy by including Barrow Neurological Institute or St. Joseph's Hospital in their estate plans.


Educational Seminars

Attend free seminars to learn gift strategies that help you and the hospital.


Professional Advisors

Helping advisors achieve client philanthropic goals.


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